Friday, February 27, 2015

Why You Should Keep Smiling

As they say "Smiling is the great medicine" I absolutely agree 100% because it can literally change the mood instantaneously. 

I am not gonna lie but stress is one of the emotions which I can't avoid or even 'we' can't escape. There are many daily activities, as well as, people' behavior that eventually cause us tension. However, I have been reading self-improvement books for more than 7 years in order to keep myself staying positive. Call me crazy, I think that smiling is the best cure from undesirable mood because it changes my feelings from negative to positive effectively. 

At first I doubted if smiling would really change my feelings or was it just something that the books recommend for their own sake. Even though smiling didn't work for me in the beginning, I had been trying to make it work (Fake it til you make it!). Every time I come across the unexpected situations or unpleasing words/comments from people, I try my best to tell myself "you'd better smile right now" And 5 minutes later, my moods are quickly change from anger to loosen up and finally calm.

I am the type of the person who stuck in my own thoughts, I keep repeating my ideas again and again until it drives me crazy. I get stressed all the time, so it is very crucial for me or even us all to loosen up and choose to stay positive instead of letting bad feelings overwhelm. I rarely feel hatred or angry towards others because why should I? I am one of those relaxing people and I opt for only positive vibe to make myself become peaceful in my own thoughts. 

I don't know about you but whenever I feel stress, I say "oh f*** it" then I am back to the calmness state of my  mind. 

Disco Pants- American Apparel
Heels- New Look
Bag- Paul's Boutique

Monday, February 23, 2015


After 45 minutes waited at the entrance of Freemasons' Hall, London, United Kingdom, it was totally worth for such inspiring fashion show from CCUOCO

It's the 3rd time to be back to the biggest fashion event in London, and this season London Fashion Week has so many showcases, as well as, Autumn/Winter 15 trend to offer. The Equinox Fashion has been invited to the shows by LadyCPR, the PR company which I trust. From doing the volunteer job with POP PR in 2013 to the latest press tickets provided in 2015, I really appreciate in this opportunity to go back there again and again in order to participate in such amazing fashion shows from various designers. 

I attended CCUCO AW15 fashion show on Friday 20th 2014 and it was really incredible since it was in Arabian theme. Also, I loved the colours of Black/Red and White which were the three major palettes of the collection. Even though the show ran only 10 minutes, it's one of my favourite shows because people who joined the show were able to take a look closely to the models since our rows were separated into three sections so that the models could walk together in the same time. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Instagram Madness

'Balance you life' what does this even mean? It happened when I felt as if I wanted to shut myself down due to that kind of disgusting feeling towards social media in these days. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love the social media and digital marketing, but somehow that kind of pressure I had for the past few days made me wanna throw my phone away since I just couldn't stand Instagram and other medias anymore. Now I realize why some bloggers even say that they feel overwhelmed because of these platforms. The thing is I love to browse all the cool photos on Instagram, I have followed a wide variety of artists and National Geographic photographers because their masterpiece of artwork is truly beyond the word amazing. However, I had critically look at myself, as well as, other instagrammers during the past couple of days and I questioned myself 'What's the point of me posting photos and let the world know what's going on because actually nobody cares about it...' I felt utmost overwhelmed by the tension. Maybe it was just me, but to be honest I feel that Instagram is just another place for people to compete one another. 

I have 100K followers, I have 1,000 likes in each photos, I am out for the photoshoot, Omg look at me i'm a fashionista, look at me I just bought Prada...but truth is nobody gives a s***. Some people only like the photos only to increase likes for themselves. Have you ever had that person who's actually a stranger but suddenly like 10 photos of yours in a row? Maybe it's a blogger's norm I don't even know. I'm not gonna lie but I tried that strategy too! Is it work? Yes, it is! People will be able to notice you and your account more. However, the more I tried, the more I failed on balancing my serenity. Why? Because I felt like I had to be on the screen all the time, my eyes were in pain, also my mind was in a rush state yet desperate to get more likes. Some people may like this kind of tactic but I'm not. I would rather be at peace and let the work showcases of themselves. 

Especially the hashtag like #follow4follow #likesforlikes #shareforlike WTF are these hashtags for?! I used to love Instagram more in those days, but now it's only one of the networking tools we all use. I thought Instagram was a place for people who love to show their photos and other pieces of art but now it seems to be a place for the users to find their voices and become online divas. However, it still be one of the good networking places not only to showcase your stuff but also get to know others :)

Well, I still use Instagram anyway, so no more complaining lol 

Velvet black kimono- Pretty Little Thing

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is just another ordinary day for me because I feel no special or excited about it. I have boyfriend but I don't think we are gonna do anything extraordinary on such day since everyday is our special day. Actually, there's no point if we only express love to each other or do something exclusively only on 14 Feb like one of the guys told me "why should I be surprised or feel special on Valentine's day when we can do it daily.

Personally, I feel love and grateful in everything that happens in my life not just about the relationship. I love my family, my parents, my dog, my friends, my readers, and I love The Equinox Fashion as much as I love myself. Maybe I am just a workaholic person, I don't know lol I love this blogosphere too much to turn back on because it is the place which I have built by my own two hands. Even though I don't have 500K followers like everybody else, I still love in what I do. It is my passion so I have decided to let it grows by itself or "go with the flow" if you say so.

However, it is also important for you to "love yourself" and treat with best. Some people overlook and give it all to boyfriends/girlfriends without sparing even just a tiny bit to themselves. I understand that to be in relationship makes all of us happy, but if we don't know how to love ourselves, then how are we supposed to share to others? At the end of the day, the only thing that exists and stays with us until the last breath is 'ourselves' 

Therefore, according to Valentine's Day, I would love to dedicate this sphere to send some love and hearts to all of you with my rare photoshoot of me (wearing dress) with Get The Label. I love you all because you guys mean so much to me. I wouldn't be this far without your support. Lots of love <3


with Kayla

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What to Expect in Master Degree

Due to a lot of questions about the course I am currently enrolling in, I think this post would be benefit for those who are still looking for the right answer about Master Degree and if this course will be the best long-term career implementation. I mentioned about this further education in the previous post that experience is still one of the most crucial skills we need because not everybody needs this master degree, however, it also important to learn and step up to the next level of in depth knowledge about fashion industry. Therefore, I am gonna tell you everything about the module, as well as, what to expect in Masters level

I am studying MA:International Fashion Marketing Management because this course would be able to fulfill my career as a street fashion blogger in terms of online marketing, as well as, fashion business. Do not expect that masters level is about the lecture in class since the reality is more about 'research' and 'critical thinking' 

I attend the class only twice a week with no exam but %100 of project. So far, I have been studying Product Development, Organization (Financial Report), Promotion and Communication. It is quite intense tbh because it takes me only a year to accomplish, but I would recommend you guys who recently graduated from university to go out and work for a year or two before applying to this course (but for me I went out backpacking with my friends instead lol) because sometimes it can be difficult to think about the concrete picture of the organization, as well as, the process of the company. I have been working in this industry for 3-4 years so it is what I have been doing in everyday life. I love everything about online marketing and business, hence some of the courses I take can be very beneficial to adapt in my business. It sounds like undergrad program, but this MA level is more in-depth in terms of research and how to apply in reality. 

What I love the most? Promotion and Communication are fun for me. I love thinking and perceiving in both business owner's logic, and customers point of view. These two make me think about how to reach the consumers and make it success. 

I love it so far, but it does have a flaw in its path since I still confirm in my own words that 'experience is still more important' MA is just another level of understanding the process of fashion business in the whole new level, that's all. 

Outfit- Today I'm wearing the blazer sent from The Vintage Scene, one of the vintage stores I love. I used to be the person who wore only tank-top and skinny jeans all the time but I have to adapt myself and take The Equinox Fashion to the next level because I am not quite the same person as before. I am the founder/writer of this blogosphere, studying Master Degree and running the online accessories business called 'Hidden Treasure' So, I always seek for the items to boost up my normal outfit in order to look more professional. I love street fashion, but also love to mix&match and completely elevate the look to become more appropriate in some circumstances. I am still wearing jeans and this colourful crop top, however, I decided to put this blazer on because it matches with the look. 

I also love the products provided from The Vintage Scene on the website which can be found on ASOS Marketplace too. If you love 90s vibe, you will love the store like I do :)

Earrings- Hidden Treasure
Jeans- Uniqlo
Hat- H&M

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