Friday, May 22, 2015

Outfit Inspired by Met Gala 2015

I really can't remember when was the last time I actually wore the dress, I mean the long proper dress for the special occasion not just a short one I wore to the fashion event. It must be so long that I can't even remember how I looked like lol. However, I have purchased Missguided's dress which I was really impressed by its snake printed, so I didn't even hesitate to add it in the basket. 

First of all, I love the fabric of this dress because it is very light-weighted and quite flow when walking. Even though I was only 5' 2" (believe it or not), I can wear this dress with the high-heel perfectly. I know I am too short but high heels make me feel more confident (in terms of height lol) because the design of the heels are very versatile in almost every situation. 

Inspired by Met Gala 2015, I would love to bring this dress back alive again, that's why I decided to wear this dress to the event, pairing with high heels by New Look and earrings by my own brand Hidden Treasure. It wouldn't be me without the hat right? So, I added H&M hat to fulfill my signature style which is more into chic and street style not a girly one. 

For some of us who wonder who Hidden Treasure is? It is my brand selling quirky and funky earrings. The website is currently processed and I am more than happy to share the products with you when everything is ready to be launched. However, you can also visit my Instagram or Hidden Treasure's Instagram for more information!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Horrible Date (Based on True Story)

I am a picky person, I am a workaholic person but I f*** up so many times about dating lol. What I am going to tell you guys is based on my personal experience that happened a while ago. All I can say is my previous relationships or dates ended up like shit, I wasted my money (a lot) and sacrificed my heart and soul to find the REAL love, however, those shitty days have strengthened me to be the tough person nowadays.  So, this is the type of guy we should avoid in order to save our hearts for the one who actually deserve.

1. The up and down

I met this guy at A Day to Remember Concert and I kinda liked him you know... He's not my type (at all) but I didn't know why I still fell for him. Maybe we had the same type of music or maybe we were just the lonely people who needed someone to talk to. 

Things went well at the beginning. We texted to each other and we went out once. It was a romantic night and I guessed we both enjoyed it. Oh well, he didn't even touch the food though lol Even though we were having a dinner at luxury Japanese restaurant located on the top of the building, he said he had already eaten so he wasn't going to eat anything except a drink lmao. I didn't expect him to pay a bill or anything but I felt a bit weird for him just to watch me as his date night eating Tempura while he was drinking a glass of water. I didn't mind paying the bill included his bottle of water, so I was willing to pay. 

I guess he didn't like wandering around the building, so he took me out and bought beers instead. We went to the shop and bought some cans of beers, then headed to the park and sat down. It was hot and humid actually...

It didn't go well afterward. I literally texted him almost every day, however, I received his texts every other day or less than that. Sometimes, he texted me so many in one day, and the next day he disappeared again! I was really confused! Well, I am a stubborn person so I kept on breaking my heart into pieces by waiting for his texts over and over again. Many of my friends told me to stop but nope honey bee not yet lmao. 

I had hope for almost a month until I couldn't wait any longer, so I stopped. 

I think it was a month or two months later when he messaged me on Facebook saying "I am so sorry about everything but I dind't mean to treat you like that. I know I am a bad guy and you are a perfect girl, so I didn't want to hurt your feelings...Is it possible if we can start again?"

(Inner thought; start again!? Go f**** yourself, you treated me like a doormat so no thank you kiddo.) 

However, I texted him with the emoji like " :) " that's it and no more conversation after that. 

It was one of the shittiest date I have ever had in my entire life and he's like grrrrrrr I have no words to describe how hot and cold he was lmao. Oh well, it was an experience which taught me a lot about this TYPE of guy I wish I will never ever gonna meet again in the future. 

Outfit -> I paired this camo jacket gifted from the vintage shop, House of Bricks who kindly sent me the pair of uber cool sunglasses and little note which is so lovely. I love reading the notes or postcards sent from brands since it is such a good feeling to read the handwriting, not from electronic device. I matched this jacket with my USA cropped top purchased from Bangkok, Thailand and the pants I bought from Primark. If the weather was good, I would more than happy to wear the camo jacket with shorts and boots because I love wearing shorts with over-sized tops/jackets! 

The products provided by House of Bricks are also lovely as well, there are so many colourful pieces I love, as well as, the vintage jackets I would love to pair with my sneakers :)  
Camo Jacket/sunglasses- House of Bricks
pants- Primark

Sunday, May 17, 2015

That Item for Summer

"No doubt why I love Asia. The sun does exist"

The Summer in Bangkok, Thailand is very hot..actually insanely hot, however, it is such a good weather to do a photo shoot. In Thailand, we only have three seasons; summer, rainy and winter, but personally I only feel those three seasons are hot, very hot and insanely hot! And I think that it is the reason why there are a lot of tourists visiting Thailand more and more due to the weather which different from their home countries. I truly appreciate about this trip back home because somehow United Kingdom is way too cold and windy for me. Besides, doing an outdoor photo shoot in Bangkok is just like a heaven when not many security guards care about what I am doing, compared to some of the places in UK where the guards approach and ask me to get the permission or pay $$$...I understand that it is the private property but really!?.......I think it is crazy. 

Yesterday, The Equinox Fashion had such a great opportunity to attend DvF Fall 2015 collection presented by Dianne and her amazing team at Emquatier, located in a heart of Bangkok. However, I am going to talk about the show and my experience meeting Dianne in the later posts since I would love to show my favourite piece or "that item for Summer" which I can't live without. 

In this season, I can't deny that I am falling in love with my kimono pants or known as culottes that are so on trend at the moment. Actually, I published a post last year talking about how I styled the culottes, though this is another #ootd I mixed and matched the pants with different clothing items worth to style in this heat. Apart from the skinny jeans, I quite like wearing culottes because they are very comfy, especially when I paired them with these high heels purchased from New Look, and the long vest gifted from Warehouse PR team. 

Like I said, the weather yesterday was really really hot (also today..maybe everyday lol) So, I had to buy an orange juice called Orangina from The Coffee World, Siam Paragon to keep myself from dehydration. Remember guys, you need to keep drinking and drinking if you are in a hot country because chances are you might faint or black out easily. 

Vest- Warehouse
Earrings- Hidden Treasure
Shoes- New Look
Clutch- Minskat Copenhagen

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dream or Family

Yesterday, I had a chance to be interviewed by Luna Vega regarding the topic about the difference between the fashion industry between Thailand and UK, as well as, some other topics such as The Equinox Fashion blogging experience, style, online retailers etc. During the interview, there were so many ideas, also honestly opinions toward the fashion industry in different perspectives popping up in my head. Somehow, it has made me realize that I am extremely happy to be back home in Bangkok, Thailand because I can spend my time with my beloved family and 16 years old dog which grew up together with me. Therefore, the question is should I follow "Dream or Family"

(This is going to be the sincere voice of mine, and you guys may have different opinions which I don't really mind listening to.)

Some of us might know that I love blogging, it is my f*** life and that is the reason why I set off to Manchester, United Kingdom in order to pursue my career because I think that UK is one of the biggest places for bloggers like us. I have had fun during London Fashion Week since 2013 to the latest, and I have received a really good opportunity collaborating with brands, as well as, a photo shoot with other forefront bloggers of UK. Everything's going great. Manchester is a great city and the blogger community is lovely, however, I have felt lately that it is still small for me. I grew up in big city life and Manchester is only 1/4 of where I am from. I have done everything strategically like what I have planned because I really have a strong passion for this industry. I am not gonna lie but most of us wanna become bigger people, gain reputation and more income. Me too, I wanna become influential blogger who inspire others not just showing my #ootd. I feel really blessed and proud of myself of how far I have become. I have started writing my blog with my own two hands and now it grows potentially. I have adapted what I have learned from my MA in marketing and applied to improve the effectiveness of my website. Idgaf about who's competing with who because I only compete with myself. And I don't care to use f words in this blogosphere because it is my voice, and I am not a girly person anyway. 

I have been running my online store called Hidden Treasure, selling quirky earrings. It is fun to come up with marketing plan and constantly improve my strategy. It maybe a bit slow but its process is going with the flow because I have to make sure that every stage is run effectively. It's great tbh because I feel more becoming a business woman :)

I have always wanted to move to either New York or London to pursue my career in blogging, however, I have been thinking over and over again if this decision is the right one. For me, career always comes first but now I am in Bangkok with my family, I feel really happy. For some reasons, it's kinda like hesitating my choices about moving and blogging. I only live once and I know it. I need to push myself and make this dream not to be just a dream, however, I feel really sad to make up my mind because if I can find a job and move to somewhere, that means I will never be able to see my family that often.

I really don't know what to do with my life, lots of confusions going on in my head. Or maybe I will see how things go when I'm back to Manchester next Saturday. We will see..

Friday, May 8, 2015

How Sunglasses Help Me Blog ?

If you have a chance to visit my other personal platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram, you may be able to notice that most of my photos are the looks or outfits matched with sunglasses. Have you ever wondered why these pieces are the must have items of mine? 

If I were you, I would literally ask ‘why this girl always wear the sunnies in every photos? Why she usually conceal her face? Truth is, wearing sunglasses help me blog, while boosting my confidence up to level 99 when my eyes are so sensitive to the sunlight that I can’t even look straight. 

I did mention in the last year's post when I partnered with Firmooeyewear about my eyes’ condition. So, it has been years since I have worn the sunnies no matter where I go because my eyes feel much relieved. Somehow, I have been wearing these accessories since I was 19 years old when I lived in Florida, and we know that the heat in that state is really strong. Maybe I can call this behavior as an addictive…but I do love it since this addiction helps in preventing my eyes from being damaged by the UVA and UVB, the two dangerous factors are affecting on both our skins and eyes. Sometimes, I also think that wearing the sunglasses in every single photo makes me look like a mysterious person LOL it is like why I can’t just show followers or others how do I really look. Have you ever had this similar thought btw? 

I am not gonna lie but when I look at others' profiles on Instagram, I also wonder why they have to wear the sunglasses all the time? But then I look back at myself and realize 'yea I am one of them' lol.

I don’t feel confident when taking photos on the street or being surrounded by others tbh. I just don’t like when people look or stare at me, it makes me feel nervous. Therefore, another reason why I can’t let these items go is because it boosts my confident when taking photos. Some of you may know that I don’t really use make up (at all). I don’t even use the foundation, blemish or anything except the eye-liner (occasionally) because I am too lazy to remove it *laugh* That is why the eyewear can really help me in public.

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